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LINES 47, illustrazione di Maral Forouzesh per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023


Maral Forouzesh

Ancona (An), 2023, mixed technic (I used the lines drawn by my brother MAZDAK who has Down syndrome and combined these lines to create a free bird on scrap paper.).

"The lines of MAZDAK My Brother, a boy with Down Syndrome, invite us to a world of lightness and liberation, these lines are like an open window to a world of dreams and wishes, which is full of peace and creativity. Each line of the MAZDAK represents endless liberation without being stopped by physical and mental limitations. This design is more than a work of art; It is a deep message of the value and importance of freedom and style in life that leads us to a world of peace and happiness.”

“Minimal - I found lightness and liberation in my lines, that's why the minimal style is very attractive to me."