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Which One is You During the Pandemic?, illustrazione di Hsun Ho Shao per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

Which One is You During the Pandemic?

Hsun Ho Shao

Shanghai (China), 2021, digitale.

"This illustration showcased different aspects of people's lives. I wanted to document the change of our lives during the pandemic. Although we were forced to be socially disconnected, we are still in a way connected. Because what we did while we were in quarantine at our homes might be exactly what others did as well."

"The interaction I illustrated was human interaction. Although in the illustration, people seemed so distant and in their own head, they are still tightly packed together to the shape of our planet. If one moves, it might affect another. This is how I felt during the pandemic lock down, that although there is no social interaction, we are still interacting and affecting each others constantly."