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Ballon, illustrazione di Maite Niebla per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023


Maite Niebla

Santander (Spagna), 2023, digitale.

"A balloon/person flies propelled by the black smoke that comes out of its interior. (Lightness and weight contrast like two sides of the same coin. There wouldn't be one without the other). If the balloon did not release its cargo, there would be no propulsion and it would not be able to fly."

“I have tried to conceptually illustrate lightness with the fewest elements. A balloon/person eliminates the dark load inside (the excesses, the negative thoughts, what oppresses our soul)... And that gesture (letting go of everything negative) at the same time propels and drives him in his desire to fly. The cut and loosened thread is another metaphor."