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Reverberation, illustrazione di Karla Zepeda per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023


Karla Zepeda

Santa Ana (El Salvador), 2023, digitale.

"The artwork is divided in two horizontal halves. One is a reflection of the other but they’re not exactly symmetrical. The upper side is full of light-pastel colors, with a child-like figure gently leaning their forehead over the water. The lower side, under the water, is darker and blurry. Another figure, more adult-resembling, is reaching for the surface. The contact of both generates subtle reverberations over the water where the second figure exists.”

“Inspired by Italo Calvino's phrase in Invisible Cities, my illustration seeks to capture the essence of lightness in the midst of a heavy world. In a time filled with fear and uncertainty, I believe we (and I) need a reminder of hope and resistance. The artwork portrays an encounter between opposing forces, embracing the soft touch of light without denying the reality we face. It symbolizes the resilience of the inner child and the revolutionary act of protecting our hope."