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Musical Fairy versus demons, illustrazione di Sandra Leon Palomino per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023

Musical Fairy versus demons

Sandra Leon Palomino

Lima (Perù), 2023, mixed technique (india ink for the wash and outlining with windsor & newton ink on 300gr cardboard).

"This is the Music Fairy who embraces her human; a human who must face his voices and his demons, his insecurities and his fears, day by day. This Fairy helps him, supports him, keeps him firm on his life path. Supported by a musical note, she travels and takes her human into it to never leave him alone.”

“I have illustrated music as the companion that helps us illuminate the days in which we must face the internal demons that we carry in our heads and chests. The music rises, like an inspiring muse, giving us strength and courage to walk; that inspires us and accompanies us to spin the stories of our days. The music that embraces us and protects us from the pessimism and terror that assails us every time. She teaches us with her melodies and voices to sing our sorrows, to give rhythm to our joys; Finally it is she who encourages us to live. I portrayed her because I know the internal struggles that many people go through, and I believe that musical therapies and hearing aids are the perfect weapons to be able to get the courage and energy to live each day; It is a tribute to Music and to the people who still create their own soundtrack of life."