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Roaming, illustrazione di Ona Marija Vidunaite per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023


Ona Marija Vidunaite

Vilnius (Lituania), 2023, matita su carta.

"I wrote a poem about it, it's about a state of heart when you need lightness in it.
Let me slowly roam. So much I still can do. Gather myself from that which is silent - true.
Let me realize.
I don't know how to rush.
Just move like desert sands...
Just crumble through all hands.”

“The lightness of letting go of the heavy parts of you. The lightness of trying to collect yourself from what is pure for you. Lightness of roaming while collecting yourself. For me, it is that part of letting go and roaming freely, that helps me feel alive after feeling suffocated by everyone else's views of me."