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Haru (Spring), illustrazione di Silvia Castillo López per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023

Haru (Spring)

Silvia Castillo López

Motril (Spagna), 2023, digitale.

"What she carries upon her embodies life; it is beautiful yet burdensome. The petals symbolize time; she watches them cascade, understanding their fleeting nature, yet she chooses to relish in their delicate touch, finding solace.The dragonfly nestled within her heart signifies the resilience of her spirit; despite life's formidable weight and the constraints they entail, it gracefully takes flight.”

“The lightness that the soul feels. Because that's what it feels like when you are able to see life and its adversities from a positive point of view and feel peace. Then a calm smile easily appears on your face, you feel lightness, a spring in your heart and you are flying."