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Jump from the top, illustrazione di Hanna Jung per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023

Jump from the top

Hanna Jung

Casatenovo (Lc), 2023, mixed technique (acrylic painting and oil pastel on paper).

“A person is trying to jump down from a beautiful hibiscus flower. The flower can not be solid support and is full of aphids, but the ladybug and the person climb to the highest position by eating or passing all obstacles to jump down. The person and insects want to gain in the end is not the land to step on, nor power or wealth to save someone. It's just the wind and air that will blow you further away.”

“Ladybugs spread their wings at the highest point of the plant. This is to obtain the buoyancy of the air and fly farther and lighter. The path they cross to get there is made up of weak and breakable flower stalks and grass, and the aphids that block them are pests that eat and destroy the path. Ladybugs also make their way by eating the pests. When you reach the top, you can see flower buds that announce the beginning of the spring. The petals are soft and delicate like silk. Although the final encounter is only weak and beautiful, the ladybugs can use it as a pedestal to fly. Lightness can be a strength in itself. The next flight is also just a light movement in the wind, but it is their life and appearance, and for humans, it is the beginning of a season."