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I Prevail After You, illustrazione di Chella Giphart per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023

I Prevail After You

Chella Giphart

Zaandam (Nederland), 2023, digitale.

“The phrase I Prevail After You portrays strength and resilience. This is a self-portrait that I made for my own birthday (18th of February) in which I reflect on my journey of growth and enlightenment. It's a way to acknowledge the past while embracing my triumph over it. I chose to depict myself as a bride decorated with flowers, symbolizing growth. The headpiece decorated with spirals represents the transition from the outer ego, influenced by the external world, to the inner soul.”

“I wanted to illustrate the transition of complexities associated with my external influences, leading to a lighter, more liberated state of being. The spirals themselves symbolize growth, and the cyclical nature of life. My determined facial expression was a very important part of the illustration as well. I aimed to portray a transformation, seeking the lightness that has always resided within me."