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Shifting Perspectives, illustrazione di Jovana Culibrk per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2023

Shifting Perspectives

Jovana Culibrk

Belgrade (Serbia), 2023, digitale.

“My artwork celebrates freedom, dreams, vulnerability, and the innate lightness within. It explores the beauty in both grace and imperfection, shaping our path to greatness. I aim to share the profound beauty within vulnerabilities and the boundless dreams that enrich our lives.”

“In my illustration, I've captured the essence of emotions as a manifestation of internal lightness. The way we experience and perceive our surroundings plays an important role in shaping our reality. By highlighting emotions as a form of lightness within ourselves, I aim to underscore the importance of our outlook on life. The positivity or negativity we carry within influences what we attract into our lives. Through these visual narratives, I explore the transformative power of maintaining a light-hearted perspective, emphasizing its role in creating a more uplifting and fulfilling existence."