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Skinny dipping, come piace a me, illustrazione di Rialda Dizdarevic Obuljen per Cose Belle Festival 2019

Skinny Dipping
Menzione speciale

Rialda Dizdarevic Obuljen

Waterloo (CDN), 20I9, digitale.

Skinny Dipping depicts a woman bathing in the sea. She is merely hidden behind the tropical leaves. We see her enjoying her private moment, with her hands above her head while a white dove is sitting on one of her arms. Her figure is framed with a large yellow Moon whose reflection we can see on the sea surface as well. The presence of the white dove and the Moon notably contributes to the feeling of peacefulness and intimacy of the moment depicted in this illustration.”

“I wanted to show the beauty of the little moments and to show that although they may seem ordinary at first, they are in fact beautiful. I concentrated on the ritual of taking a bath and depicted it into a dreamy setting. This way I am picturing the alluring beauty of the little moments and everyday rituals. Each of these rituals when extracted from the rest represents a collection of intimacy and emotions. These are the moments when we are truly relaxed and feel connected to ourselves. That is when we are ready to embrace the beauty of the little things that we are given.”