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Franz Liszt in the city, illustrazione di Diana Pusztai per Cose Belle Festival 2019

Franz Liszt in the city
Menzione speciale

Diana Pusztai

Székesfehérvár (HU), 20I9, mista: diverse tecniche di stampa mescolate in un disegno.

“My work pays homage to the beauty of free spirit, to the free creation the free music and free art, and one of the most groundbreaking creators, Franz Liszt who was a virtuoso and inimitable composer, musician and conductor, his genius extended far beyond the piano, to push musical composition and performance well beyond its 19th Century limits.”

“Beauty is synesthesia. One aspect activates another one. You hear the colours, see the sounds, and touch the light when beauty is present. Beauty is timeless but it is able to open new chapters in eras. Anyone can experience beauty in the deep joy of creation. To create something with free spirit, something what inspires and inflames the imaginations and breaks down borders, rules and conventions. ”