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Fireflies, illustrazione di Olesia Sekeresh per Cose Belle Festival 2019

Premio interazione

Olesia Sekeresh

Ukranian (DE), 20I9, mista (watercolor e gouache).

“What is my work about? It is about the impression you get the first time you see beauty in your life. My illustration is a story of two sisters who have to go to the forest for the firewood in the first hours of the morning as it is still dark outside. Out of a sudden for the first time in their lives they see fireflies. This moment impresses them on a very deep level. It gives them joy and strength. And a hard day of work acquires new senses.”

“I think that many of us experienced the depth of beauty the first time we saw it unexpectedly. And because this moment came out of nowhere, it was even more beautiful and filled with meaning. The first time it happened to me was when I saw fireflies. I was mesmerized by their mysterious beauty. It could only be what it was in a magical atmosphere of the night. This unexpected encounter of the beauty gives strength and realization that there are things that are more meaningful.”