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Energy, illustrazione di Katarzyna Słomiana per Cose Belle Festival 2019

Menzione speciale

Katarzyna Słomiana

Łowicz (PL), 20I9, digitale.

“The illustration shows a girl. Her body is arranged in the shape of a circle, from which the rays of sun walk away. Everything is presented against the background of heaven.”

“For centuries, the wheel was considered a beautiful figure. It is a symbol of perfection, inner unity, harmony, balance. The sun is associated with energy and warmth. All these feelings are for me a manifestation of beauty and I wanted to present them in one illustration. Man is creating the sun and circle. It is located in the central part of the illustration, I referring again to the center. Beauty hidden is in every human being, each of us is a sun, striving all the time for inner unity, harmony with nature and other people.”