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Am I beautiful?, illustrazione di Violeta Cano per Cose Belle Festival 2019

Am I beautiful?
Menzione speciale

Violeta Cano

Alcobendas (ES), 20I9, mixed (etching ink monotypes, pen drawings and digital).

“This image shows a little girl looking at her own reflection in the mirror using binoculars. She seems curious and focused. A lamp and some plants are hanging from the ceiling, though she doesn't seem to pay any attention to them. The color palette is limited and unusual: purple, something between green and blue, yellow and red. Most of the shapes we see are not traced by any lines; lines are only used to mark little details and textures.”

“This illustration depicts a moment of intimacy, the first time someone wonders: Am I beautiful?. It intends to show the start of a long journey, where she will analyze her body and face, her freckles and weird hairs, and will have to learn to differentiate established canons from what beauty really is, and how important it is to be liked by others, and therefore, loved. The binoculars, the plants hanging from the ceiling in an enclosed spaced, it all reminds the viewer of field research, only this time the subject we are researching is ourselves.”