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Our New Interaction, illustrazione di Laura Barker per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

Our New Interaction

Laura Barker

Meximieux (France), 2021, digitale.

"IMy Illustration is showing a vibrant world with all its warm tones and unique textured landscapes. The two wolfs represent the wildlife enjoying its environment together and in harmony. The two humans are as well taking in the beauty, but at a safe distance to respect each others health with covid still being unknown in our present day."

"My illustration is a world that has a thriving environment of its vibrant colors, with wildlife enjoying and interacting with its surrounding. where as the humans have to stay at a cautious distance between each other due to covid, however the humans can still interact from a distance and still see all the beauty this world has to offer when it has been respected and loved the way it should."