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Not Like Clockwork, illustrazione di Anna Sorokina per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

Not Like Clockwork

Anna Sorokina

New York (United States), 2021, mixed media (graphite, ink, watercolor wash and digital color).

"Not Like Clockwork is an image of a human existing in what seems to be an endless galaxy, surrounded by falling papers and many broken, separated mechanisms. The image illustrates an interaction most face daily - of a human with their job. The title is a reference to the phrase Like Clockwork, which means to be very smooth/em>, to work with perfect regularity. To be human is quite the opposite—it is to be imperfect, to get tired, to sometimes break, and to later fix oneself."

"Interaction of a human with their job and work identity. This theme speaks to me personally—as a creative, I have a hard time separating myself from my craft. When it comes to interacting with one's job, passion and burnout go hand in hand. We are not machines, but rather emotional beings."