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First (multiple) interactions, illustrazione di Carolina Baruffi per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

First (multiple) interactions

Carolina Baruffi

Lausanne (Svizzera), 2021, digitale.

"This pregnant woman is listening to some music while resting; she is tired, because these are the last months before giving birth to her baby, but happy, because she will be a mother. The fetus is also enjoying the melody. The body of the future mother is the means through which the fetus has his first interactions with the world he is going to discover."

“I illustrated the interaction between fetus-mother-external world. The idea behind the draw is that the first interactions we have are the ones with our mother; her body, her voice, her feelings. At the same time, our mother is also the means through which we have our first interactions with the external world. This draw is inspired by a true experience.”