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Fleeting Agreement, illustrazione di Clemente Botelho per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

Fleeting Agreement

Clemente Botelho

Mogliano (Mc), 2021, mixed media (acrylic and collage on archival paper).

“Here I catalogue the ingredients of an interaction + probe how to reassemble elements in an inquisitive way. As in my recent FaceTime series, I applied historical personages as models of quasi-recognizable figures, contrasting these elements against abstracted forms to signal a cacophony of contemporary life. Natural forms are interrupted by geometric shapes alluding to technology’s persistent call for our glance- beckoning to define a mediated interaction. ”

“I explore Interaction as an overlapping temporal experience between people, time, and place: What is the precise moment when individuals + their passions meet? When conversation sparks a union, or ignites conflict? How does the environment we share penetrate experience to influence outcomes? If incredible technological innovations redefined what experience is to be, perhaps this strange global pandemic pause has ignited a call for authentic human interactions?”