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Take part in the 7th Cose Belle Illustration Contest.
Up for grabs 1000 euros, the Artist Residency and the Farm Cultural Park, Rubbettino Editore and Lanificio Leo prizes.
The deadline to send your work is on February 18th, 2024.
New deadline 22/01/2023. New deadline 10/03/2024

Take part in the 7th Cose Belle Illustration Contest.
Up for grabs 1000 euros, the artist’s residence
and the Farm Cultural Park, Rubbettino Editore and Lanificio Leo special prizes.
The deadline to send your work is on February 18th, 2024.
New deadline 22/01/2023. New deadline 10/03/2024

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On 15 October 2023 Italo Calvino would have turned 100: it is to him that we want to dedicate the 7th edition of the Cose Belle Illustration Contest.

But what is lightness? What does it mean to be light?

In American Lessons, Calvino clarifies that lightness can be "an antidote to the petrification of the world and its opacity", therefore lightness as lightening, agility, simplification, levity. Lightness as a talisman to carry with you every day, to face the inevitable grayness of life.

“In moments when the human realm seems condemned to heaviness, I think I should fly like Perseus into another space. I'm not talking about escapes into dreams or the irrational. I mean that I have to change my approach, I have to look at the world with another perspective, another logic, other methods of knowledge and verification. The images of lightness that I seek must not allow themselves to be dissolved like dreams by the reality of the present and the future.” Lightness, therefore, not as superficiality, but as method, logic, reaction to the weight of living.

Calvino, citing Kundera and his essay "The unsustainable lightness of being", takes the opportunity to clarify that lightness and weight are contrasted like two sides of the same coin: if there were no weight, there would be no lightness; if there were no compulsion, there would be no desire to fly.

Life is therefore a path of which heaviness as well as lightness is part: can being aware of this be saving? In everyone's life, aren't there days in which your soul feels heavy, a boulder on your heart, your breath breaking, and everything seems difficult precisely because you feel the weight? And then there are the bright days, when the soul is light, when you dream and feel butterflies, chills and warmth. Are those who are light-hearted therefore luckier, wiser, or have they perhaps found the key to making the best of every situation?

For us, lightness is the less is more attitude of the soul. Doesn't everything essential in design acquire value? Could it be lightness, the ability to eliminate excesses, negative, unnecessary thoughts, those that make life ugly?

Apuleius was also convinced that "To live, just like to swim, those without burdens are better off, because even in the storm of human life, light things serve to support, heavy things help to sink".

How can lightness be visually narrated?

Come on illustrators, may imagination and emotions be with you. That, in visually interpreting lightness, you can leave a mark in the heart and soul of those who admire your work.

Be light-hearted, we've been trying, always.




Cash contribution of 1000 euros

as recognition of personal merit
and Artist Residency experience.
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The Artist Residency experience.
Learn more about Cose Belle OFF

Special Prize

Farm Cultural Park

An Artist Residency experience at Favara, in Sicily, in close contact with the Organization.

Special Prize

Rubbettino Editore

An editorial collaboration with the Rubbettino publishing house.

Special Prize

Lanificio Leo

The design and production of a textile poster for the Calabria Illustrata brand.


Andrea Bartoli
Notary and founder of
Farm Cultural Park

Notary, strategic planning consultant, feasibility, and management of cultural organizations. Together with his wife, lawyer Florinda Saieva, they founded a cultural center of contemporary art, Cultural Park Farm, in Favara. It has won countless awards including the prestigious award Curry Stone Design Prize, recognized as one of 100 international experiences that has produced a greater social impact in the world over the past ten years.

Emilio Salvatore Leo
Architect and Creative Director of Lanificio Leo

Architect, Designer and Creative Director of Lanificio Leo, the oldest active textile factory in Calabria. He was selected by Andrea Branzi in 2006 for New Italia Design (Triennale, Milan) and in 2009 he received the “Toyp Italia Business 2009” award from the Junior Chamber International.

Florindo Rubbettino
Publisher Rubbettino Publishing House

Publisher of the Rubbettino publishing house. President of Rubbettino Print. He is an Editing professor for the Communication Sciences Degree at the University of Molise. He directed the national magazine of the youth Entrepreneurs of Confindustria, " Quale impresa “, from 2008 to 2011 and was President of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Calabria.

Deborah De Rose
Creative Director of
Cose Belle Festival

Digital Strategist, Project Manager, former lawyer. She is the Creative Director of Cose Belle Festival. She looks after cultural design, social innovation, and territorial enhancement projects through creativity. In 2015 she transformed her law firm in Cosenza into Interazioni Creative, an associative project as well as a space to share and connect with artisanal and digital workers.

Marco Tortoioli Ricci
Designer and President of Aiap

He is the national president of AIAP (Italian Association for Visual Communication Designers). Since 2006 he has been professor of Project Methodology at Isia in Urbino. Since 2014 he has been Professor of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia and since 2018 he has held the Interior Design course at the Department of Design of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia.

Marco Lentini
Graphic Designer and MOAK Communications Manager

Since 2008 he has been responsible for communications at Caffè Moak; worked, with the Noorda studio, on the redesign of the identity system. He founded For[me]moak, a communications agency that deals with research and design and of which he is art director. In 2014 he collaborated in the launch of the Fuori Fuoco photography competition and, in 2017, of the Sicilia Felicissima competition together with Moak, Abadir and Aiap. He is co-founder of Afterstudio.

Francesco Caporale - FRA!
Graphic designer e Doodleartist

He lives in Milan but his heart is southern. After studying advertising graphics and art direction at NABA in Milan, he discovered Doodle Art which led him to collaborate with big brands (just to name a few, Xiaom, Ikea, Walt Disney, Dolly Noire, Nespresso, Moleskine). In 2020 he realized his dream, that is, giving life to the largest drawing in the world.

HOW partecipate

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DEADLINE 18-02-2024

NEW DEADLINE 10-03-2024


Download the Regulations

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by bank transfer (you can find
the details in the Regulations—only for payments from Italy) or
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Learn more details.

How many illustrations can I submit to participate in the Contest?

It is possible to participate in the Cose Belle Contest by sending one (1) unpublished and original artwork related to the theme of the Contest and respecting the technical requirements as indicated in the Regulations.

What is meant by an unpublished work?

Artwork is considered unpublished, and therefore accepted in the Cose Belle Illustration Contest, if it has not been nominated in other competitions.

Can I participate with an illustration that has already been published on social media?

Yes, you can participate with an illustration already published on social networks if you think it is relevant to the theme of the contest.

Can I publish the submitted illustration on my social networks before the competition expires?

Yes, of course you can. Let your followers know that the illustration wants to express the theme of The fifth edition of the Cose Belle Illustration Contest. It is also important that you tag @cosebelle.festival and use the hashtag #cosebellecontest.

Do the artworks have to be sent in?

No. Our organization will print the 40 works selected by the Jury, in order to set up the collective exhibition; it will be important for us to receive only the works made with the traditional technique, painted by hand.

Where can I find Annex B to fill in and attach to participate in the Contest?

Annex B is found in the final part of the Regulations. It is downloadable from here.

Will my work be published on the website?

Yes, all the illustrations received which are in line with the Regulations, will be published in a permanent digital Exhibition on the website. We hope to be able to upload them all by the end of April 2023.

Can I create my illustration with any technique?

Yes, you can create your artwork with any technique you like, by hand or digitally. However, it’s very important that the paper complies with the technical requirements and the shipping instructions indicated in the Regulations.

Is a contribution required to participate in the illustration contest?

Yes, we require a contribution of 15.00 euros to cover administrative costs (for payments from Italy and abroad, 15 euros + 0.95 cents PayPal fee).

Do you receive public funding to carry out the illustration competition?

No, we are a resilient company and we do not receive public contributions.

What are the official hashtags with which I can share my work on social networks?

The official hashtags are #cosebellecontest and #cosebellefestival. Also remember to tag @CoseBelleFestival, so it will be easier for us to share.

Do you need more information or assistance?
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