October 13, 2021

The start of the 5th edition of the Cose Belle Illustration Contest

The prize consists of € 1000,00 and the Artist Residence called "Cose Belle OFF" in Calabria Region.

Interaction Cose Belle illustration Contest cover
Well yes, our illustration competition has resisted through these difficult times and has reached its 5th edition.
We are happy, and also a little emotional, because five years is a great milestone for us. In each edition we have seen the project grow and met many talented illustrators. We are happy because our strength and energy of our commitment are in fact the people who, with their affinity and participation, confirm that we are doing a good job.
It’s quite likely that if someone had told us five years ago that we would become the first competition from Southern Italy to win the hearts and talent of many illustrators, we would not have believed it at all. Why? Who knows, maybe because dreaming big is sometimes a scary thing... but here we are today, experiencing the thrill of launching the 5th edition of the Cose Belle Illustration Contest. So, drumroll.
The theme of the fifth edition of the Cose Belle Illustration Contest is Interaction.

The theme and why we chose it

Why the theme Interaction?
There are two reasons that led us to choose the theme of Interaction, one connected to our personal history, and one connected to the times we are all living in.
The first reason is that our cultural association, which organizes the Cose Belle Festival, is called Interazioni Creative, so we have always had a super theme right under our noses.
Interazioni Creative was born in 2015 in Cosenza with the aim to give life to creative interactions and honest relationships that could bring to life cultural proposals and beautiful ideas which could be developed and contribute to shining a brighter light on our Calabria. Our meeting place has always been a small creative studio in Cosenza, 48 square meters of infinite space for dreaming and planning. This space was once the law firm of Deborah… and it is exactly in this small space that an even bigger dream was born. the Cose Belle Festival - creativity, illustration, and design.
Creative interactions work, don't you think?
The second reason that reinforced the idea of choosing Interaction as the theme of the 2021 competition is linked to the times we are living in and the desire we all have to get back to meeting others and living life. We need it. With this pandemic, every living being has come to realize how inevitably connected it is to others, how every action can create positive or negative consequences in the world.
Interacting has therefore become an essential need, a desire. We all feel the need for kisses, hugs, smiles, to interact with empathy. Because, deep down, interacting is a reciprocal action, an instrument of freedom of expression, human heritage, energy potentially capable of affecting new vibrations, thoughts, emotions, and moods, to listen to each other, to interpret life, to protect the world.
For us at Interazioni Creative, interaction has always been an invitation to feel part of a mesh of lives, to resonate together, to create real relationships, and to share beautiful things.
And for the illustrators who will participate in our competition? What nuance of the Interaction theme will they decide to highlight?
We are very curious. And you?

The Concept

Can you imagine an illustration exhibition dedicated to the theme of Interaction? We can, we can already see into the future (shhh, don't tell anyone). But let's take a deeper look at the concept of Interaction, you know, to inspire us together. The theme Interaction is connected to the concept of relationship, of doing things together, of respect, of responsibility and interdependence of man with other human beings, with nature and with other living things. However, interaction does not only involve people; human beings also interact with machines, with the environment, with the universe, with elements of various kinds. Colors, particles, and machines also interact.
Within interaction each element certainly influences the other, mutually; after any interaction each element is different, changed, enriched, or impoverished… it depends on the point of view. Interaction is therefore interconnection, interdependence, reciprocity, relationship, collaboration, comparison… but also respect, survival. New social and environmental challenges require us to learn to interact respectfully with the world’s resources and with the environment that surrounds us because, basically, we are all connected, each individual behavior can have an impact on the lives of others. But how many nuances can interaction take on? Who Interacts? How do you interact and why?
It’s an invitation to illustrators to grasp the multiple interpretations of the Interaction theme.

A Jury of excellence

Yes, even this year we have a super jury. We’d like to give a warm welcome to:
  • Stefano Cipolla, Art director of L’Espresso;
  • Andrea Bartoli, Notary and founder of Farm Cultural Park;
  • Florindo Rubbettino, Publisher of the Rubbettino Publishing house;
  • Emilio S. Leo, Architect and creative director at Lanificio Leo;
  • Gennaro Di Cello, CEO of Italy and Vice President of Entopan;
  • Deborah De Rose, Content manager and creative director of Cose Belle Festival.

You can find out all there is to know about the Jury at the following link:
Learn more about the Jury

The AIAP Patronage

It is wonderful to receive positive feedback on our project and we are honoured to also have this year the support and patronage of
AIAP—Association of Visual Communication Professionals.
Thanks to AIAP and to the National President Marco Tortoioli Ricci, for acknowledging the creative buzz that is growing from Southern Italy.

The Prizes

The prizes for this 5th edition have grown compared to previous editions, in fact, two special prizes have been added. Let's list them all:
  • Fantasia Prize—€ 1000.00 + Cose Belle OFF artist residency;
  • Creatività Prize—Cose Belle OFF artist residency;
  • L’Espresso Special Prize—a working collaboration with the weekly magazine;
  • Farm Cultural Park—an artist residency in Sicily.

Do you like this 5th edition?

Yes? Well, help us also to promote the contest. Word of mouth, invite friends, illustrators, and lovers of beautiful things to discover us. Tag us when you talk about us on social media and interact with us and your community. We are always here; you can find us every day on Instagram and at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
Happy interactions everyone!
The Cose Belle Festival team

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