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The flight, illustrazione di Maria Tsvetkova (Bloom) per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

The flight

Maria Tsvetkova (Bloom)

Mering (Germany), 2021, digital art.

“As an Illustrator I represent myself under my artist name Maria Bloom. I decided to portray a woman who plays the violin, immersed in nature and music, surrounded by a landscape. The violin turns into an airplane and symbolizes the flight of the soul. I used contrasting solid colors to emphasize the power and clarity of the winter landscape and the music and purity of a soul.”

“For me, the idea of interaction is first and foremost connectedness. In my illustration I show how one should ideally deal with nature. With respect and devotion, gratitude and humility and how much nature gives us back in form of creativity. The close connection to God through music and nature is a flight of the soul.”