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Naked and connected, illustrazione di Ker Jia Goh per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

Naked and connected

Ker Jia Goh

Subang Jaya (Malaysia), 2021, mista (collage e matita digitale).

"For this illustration, I wanted to portray a scene where interactions between people and nature are genuine and real. It is a place for people to not be preoccupied but a space for them to truly know one another and the natural environment they inhabit in."

"The interaction I wish to convey in my illustration is the kind that is sincere, truthful, and real. I believe the modern world we live in is lacking in intimate connections as we are regularly occupied and disrupted by gadgets, screens, and tools. Therefore, I decided to depict a scene where modern objects are completely stripped away, allowing humans to truly connect with one another as well as the natural world we live in."