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The hug, illustrazione di Thalia Maria Bitha per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

The hug

Thalia Maria Bitha

Athens (Greece), 2021, digitale.

“Inspired by Klimt's painting The Kiss, the illustration depicts the most essential human interaction: The hug. It requires no words, and helps us convey emotions we cannot express in another way. A mother and a daughter, after a long time of avoiding physical touch due to the covid-19, are now both infected with the virus. They can finally hug each other, and they'll get through it together.”

“Since the covid-19 outbreak, I always had to be careful with my loved ones. For a very long time I stayed away to protect them. Then I got the covid-19 virus at the same time with my mother, and the first thing we did is to hug each other. I realized then that's what was missing from my life all this time.”