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Testify to me!, illustrazione di Özge Ekmekcioglu per Cose Belle Contest d'illustrazione 2021

Testify to me!

Özge Ekmekcioglu

Beşiktaş (Turkey), 2021, digital.

Testify to me digitally illustrated. Being mirror for each other is a way of a proof that we are alive and we exist in this world. I drew a woman who is looking at me, but what i see is myself though her.”

“If human beings were alone from the moment they were born into the world, they probably would not have realized that they have consciousness and that they are human. Evidence and witness of our existence are other people. Our self, which we see in other people's eyes, makes us believe in our existence. It also serves as a mirror for us to understand who we are. The interaction between us allows the person to be a mirror to the other, to realize himself and to understand that he exists.”